The Moth Plinth. Let’s Raise Them Up

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  • The Moth Plinth. Let’s Raise Them Up

The Moth Plinth. Let’s Raise Them Up

When you place your objects on these plinths they are elevated above the realm of everyday life and transformed from the ordinary and familiar into something unexpected and extraordinary. Whether you bathe your beloved spider plants in sunlight, show off your beautiful objects or display ‘the thing that must not be named’. Our objects can tell stories, pass on traditions and act as ambassadors and messengers from other places, other lives, other loves, and other times. Through them we remember.
Curate your home with these, West Country Oak handmade plinths. They come in three different heights and three different colour ways.
Three plinth sizes:

Height 25cm
Width 16cm
Depth 16cm

Height 18cm
Width 16cm
Depth 16cm

Height 12cm
Width 16cm
Depth 16cm

Pantone 324U
Pantone 5035U

West Country Oak
Plinth Tops finished in high-pressure laminate.
Black | Pale Arsenic | Soft Rose (all sizes)

Handmade in Cornwall
MOTH & Bear Joinery & Furniture.

Postage + Packing included
Prices start at £45