MOTH SHOP | Design for Life & Death

Welcome to The Moth Shop.
We passionately believe that design can help us to navigate how we approach, end of life, grief and loss. It may not only change the way we die but also help us to think about how we want to live.
Our products are about Memento Mori – reminding us to live life well, to contemplate our relationship with death and consider what might happen to us, when the one inevitable event we plan for the least comes to visit. Grief & Mourning – how to live forward in our grief, whilst keeping those close to us that we have loved and lost. Keeping safe our Memories & Legacy through our objects, which can tell stories, pass on traditions and act as ambassadors and messengers from other places, other lives, other loves, and other times. Through them we remember.
We should all expect considered design, beautiful craft and meaningful choices in death as we do in life.

Moth works and supports local artists, designers and makers in Cornwall.
Nikki Salkeld & Ashley Rudolph