Saying Goodbye to Mr Jim

  • Saying Goodbye to Mr Jim

‘Saying Goodbye to Mr Jim’ is an illustrated booklet developed by MOTH as an aid to help children and adults cope with bereavement.

Death is a subject that children are often shielded from and many parents would like to be able to support and help children begin to understand and comes to terms with death, but can oftentimes find it difficult themselves to know where to begin. Whilst our natural instinct is to protect children from sadness, to be able to approach it together and see it as an opportunity to learn and understand (at an appropriate level for that child) is important. The opportunity to be able to say a ‘proper’ goodbye, although difficult is ultimately better than unanswered and confusing assumptions which children might come to without proper dialogue.

Size/spec: A5 | w148mm x h210mm
Printing: 12 printed pages | Full colour (using HP Indigo digital)
Cover: 175gsm GFSmith Colourplan Stone, Embossing_Ripple
Pages: Full colour | 120gsm | 'Warm' white matt, recycled paper.

The publication includes a Eulogy card on the back cover so that children can celebrate the life of the pet, and facilitate “letting go.”
Plus a downloadable mausoleum image, to colour in and customise and then stick onto a suitable box/coffin.